I would like to ask you just three questions.

1. How would you like to significantly increase REVENUE to your Hotel?

2. How would you like that your guest receives complete satisfaction that no other hotels in area are offering to them?

3. How would you like that you keep getting repeated customers for years to come?

To respond to all above questions we are prepared to offer you UNIQUE SOLUTIONS that has not been available anywhere and you could be the first one in your area if you decide to accept our Program.

chakra chart

Our UNIQUE PROGRAM is called HOLISTIC WELLNESS PROGRAM. This is entirely a new concept that we have exposed some Hotels in Egypt and some other Four and Five Stars Resort Hotels and which consist of multi levels treatments of your hotel guest who are staying at least one or more weeks in your hotel. Let us elaborate in more details on the entire Program.

Holistic Health and Wellness means to establish harmony on mental, emotional and physical levels in your body. When properly applied it does not focus on single organ in your body but on the entire body as whole. This vital energy that is required to maintain of healthy balance in our body has been recognized long time ago by other nations such as Japanese where they call it “KI” in China where they call it “CHI” and in India where they call it “PRANA”.

This vital energy that keeps us alive and maintain a healthy balance of all our body functions our mental, emotional and physical aspects are three essential columns that keeps our body healthy and alive…but the moment that this vital energy is being blocked by stress, inappropriate diet, bad living habits, smoking and many environmental toxins than the final outcome is disease (acute, subacute or chronic).

Now we come back to our second and third questions how would your hotel guest greatly benefit at the same time while staying and enjoying your hospitality also having chance to improve their health conditions as well. Considering the fact that many of your guests besides enjoying other available programs in your hotel would definitively like to improve their health conditions and address some of their acute, subacute or chronic diseases conditions.

And to respond to our first question, if you do implement our HOLISTIC WELLNESS PROGRAM you would generate SUBSTANTIAL EXTRA REVENUE to your Hotel. Let us explain the Program in details. Most of hotels offer some of the following existing programs to their hotel guests: Spa, Sauna, Steam Bath, Jacuzzi, Solarium, Massage and Beauty Services, but nothing to improve their existing disease conditions.

Our HOLISTIC WELLNESS PROGRAM consists of 8 Sections which complement each other’s. They are:


  • 1. Hatha Yoga Classes;
  • 2. Holistic Massage;
  • 3. Detoxication Treatments;
  • 4. Using Multi Caper Machine;
  • 5. Acupuncture Treatments;
  • 6. Herbal or Phyto Therapy;
  • 7. Utilization of Magnet Therapy ;
  • 8. Treatmnet of male potency.

Let’s us elaborate all these Programs in details.

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hatha yoga asana ying yang

1. HATHA YOGA CLASSES, tend to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony improve overall well-being, develop compassion, enhance relationship and greater self-acceptance and help distress. This Program is Introduction into our HOLLISTIC WELLNESS PROGRAM and as incentive should be offered as FREE to your hotels guests to later lure them to join all other PAID PROGRAMS!



Holistic Massage

2. HOLISTIC MASSAGE PROGRAM, will complement your existing massage programs but this time with different effect of revitalizing 6 vital energy centers (Chakras) in body. Any time when the vital energy is being blocked in our bodies different diseases conditions occur and to un-block that energy we are utilizing this Holistic Massage Technique plus Acupuncture as well. This would be PAID PROGRAM.(The suggested price would be discussed with Hotel Management).

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detoxication treatment detoxication detoxication treatment


3. DETOXICATIONS TREATMENTS, we do have special device which when being used regularly tohelp eliminate all toxins from our body that are being accumulated over the years and have contributed to illness and loss of immunity to different diseases conditions. This would be also PAID PROGRAM (price to be negotiated with Hotel Management).


4. MULTI CAPER MACHINE, Treatments is using different bio-frequencies to control all bacteria, viral and yeast infection in our body that are responsible for different diseases conditions. This would be also PAID PROGTRAM(price to be negotiated with Managements)




5. ACUPUNCURE TREATMENTS is very effective in different diseases conditions and any time when there was block of flow of vital energy in our body which eventually cause sickness .This would be also PAID PROGRAM.(Price to be negotiated with Hotel Managements).




6. HERBAL or PHYTO THERAPY, This method use applications of different recognized herbal medications, which have no addictive affect and are safe and produce very effective results. This Program will be also PAID (Price to be negotiated with Hotel Management).



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7. MAGNET THERAPY, this approach utilizes three different magnets. “Zerosmoke“ which helps to stop cigarette smoking and addictions. “Menostress“ magnets therapy which controls stress in everyday life and “Zerodiet“, magnets that control excess weight.(This would be also PAID program, to be negotiated with Hotel Management).




8. TREATMENT OF MALE POTENCY, many men these days are experiencing lack of potency and problem with erections can safely use our device VEP, which is safe and even person who have had an infarcts or who are diabetic or who have problem with blood pressure can use it.VEP device enables the improvements of the quality of sexual life, increases sexual desire, prevents decline in sexual power, increase the dimensions of the penis and improve the quality of erections. This method is safe, painless and easily applied and reapplied without any harmful effects. (This would be also PAID program and the price is to be negotiated with Hotel Managements).


Considering the fact that majority of hotel guests would choose more than one treatments after feeling better that would substantially increase the revenue of your Hotel. Once satisfied hotel guests would recommend your Hotel to other their friends and by word of mouth that would be the best advertising you can get and you would have repeated guests for many years to come. What is more important is that you become the FIRST HOTEL in your locations that would be providing HOLISTIC WELLNESS PROGRAM.

Keeping this in mind you could advertise using a local news media that your Hotel is providing this type of Service to even local populations or to other guest of other hotels, but this service could be arranged only by appointments since your Hotel guests would have priorities and this arrangements could be done only after hours by appointments .This would bring another Revenue to your hotel plus PRESTIGE that Your Hotel is the ONLY ONE WHO IS OFFERING THIS TYPE OF SERVICE IN YOUR AREA! And as old saying goes ”early chick get the worm”, the Hotel that FIRST implement our Program and provide this services stand to benefit MOST FINANCIALLY for years to come.

All my professional service with Hotel Management would be open for negations. For any specific questions, comments or concerns about implementation of HOLISTIC WELLNESS PROGRAM in your Hotel, please feel free to contact me.

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